SA 29: Easter Island

So more of a check-in than anything formal today.

Running around, trying to print off our boarding passes through LAN, which we can´t for some reason.  Probably because Daina has to go through the States and his luggage has to travel through and mine… well, don´t know, but sure it´ll work itself at the airport.  Picking up some last minute souvenirs, getting ready for dinner, need to wash the sand and salt out of the hair because today was a beach day, so all is well.

Went to that volcano today with the reed pond inside, absolutely stunning, right next to the Orongo cultural village.  This place kind of just dares you to talk about how beautiful it is and then leaves you without words to do it.

Tomorrow, airports.  Plus, a little wrap-up on the trip as a whole.  Springer´s Final Thoughts, if you will.

See you soon!

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