SA 28: Easter Island

I am practically on the verge of tears.

Okay.  So here´s the thing.  I´ve been to Angkor Wat.  I recently went to Machu Picchu.  Both places were absolutely amazing, beyond anything I´ve seen anyplace else in the world.  I was more than amazed by both places.  However, I really didn´t learn about either of those places until later in life so, when I saw them, they were still beyond my wildest dreams but there wasn´t a lot of lead time.

I´ve been to Rome and seen the Colosseum and Athens to see the Parthenon.  Both are things I´ve wanted to see since I was a little kid and both of those things were amazing.  However, everybody else has seen them and they just aren´t that hard to get to.  It didn´t make seeing them any less amazing, but there wasn´t a whole lot of doubt that I would get to see them.  I ended up seeing the two in the same trip.

When I was a kid, I remember seeing these giant heads on an island in the middle of nowhere and wondering ¨How do I get there?¨  I actually remember having a conversation with dad about how you could get there and being upset that ther wasn´t a Toronto-Easter Island direct route.  When I discovered Travelocity, Easter Island was one of my first searches. 

So you´re combining something you´ve wanted to see for your whole life with someplace that isn´t that easy to get to. 

And then you´re there.

This has been two non-stop days of adventure.  Daina and me have rented bikes for the first two days and have hit the majority of the big heads.  Tomorrow we´re climbing a volcano full of water and tortola reeds.  My right knee feels like its about ready to explode and I´m pretty sure I´m going to have to get it checked out by the time I get back to Toronto – walking is fine but repetetive stress actions like biking up and down rocky hills don´t seem to do well for it.

We´ve seen the heads lined up, the quarry where they came from, ones that were knocked down and washed out and ones that have been knocked down and are still preserved.  It´s been hot, dry, rainy (especially today), muddy, green, cloudy. 

We saw a rainbow pop up behind several giant moai on the island.  Over one of the most amazing sites on the island, biggest rainbow I´ve ever seen in my life.

I´m not done with travel.  It´s going to be a part of my life now and forever.  I just don´t know how anything is going to be able to top this.


Volcano tomorrow, Daina leaves on Sunday, gets home a day later, me a week later.  What a trip!

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