SA 24: Valparaiso

Some places are big for tourists because of a sight or two.  Other places lack any discernible landmark but are awesome all the same.  Valparaiso is one of those places.

It was a rainy, rainy day in Santiago so a day trip was pretty good timing.

We ended up getting in to Valparaiso a little after noonish.  The place is a naval town and our first stop after Plaza Sotomayor was the harbour.  $4 a piece got us a nice little harbour cruise on big wooden boat where we happened to run in to a pair of sea lions.  We got some great views of the different boats and the shorelines.  Good way to start the afternoon.

 Valparaiso is known for its multi-coloured houses and its graffiti and we saw plenty of both today.  It’s a city built on hills, which you can go up and down on various funiculars that you find around the city.

You know, some days, your brain just isn’t working.  I’m trying to express how awesome Valparaiso looks, but really don’t have the firing synapses to do so.  I’m going to leave the next couple of pics up so you can look, but that’s about it.  More graffiti and artistry from Santiago tomorrow as we go through Barrio Belavista.

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