SA 21: La Paz, waiting for Arica

So I don’t know if it was a misread computer statement, somebody’s neglectfulness or whatever the deal may be, but our 8:00 am bus to Arica is not an 8:00 am bus to Arica.  It’s a 1:00 pm bus to Arica.

We get up at an ungodly early hour so we could catch this phantom 8:00 am bus.  We get to the station and are told that we are actually booked for the 1:00 pm bus.  Apparently when the lady read the note from Kanoo yesterday, she read that the other agent was trying to get us on the earlier bus, which wasn’t actually running.

Good news is that I actually saw the passenger manifest and our names are on it.  So Arica is on the way.  Bad news is we aren’t getting in there until later tonight, 9 or 10 ish, and then we’re turning around and flying out the next day to Santiago.  Not that Arica was a major stop on the trip – it was more out of necessity than anything – but not a fan of quick turnarounds.

The good thing, however, is that hikes are finished!  As much as D and I both love them, it’s going to be nice just walking around cities… at sea level…  Mmmmm, sea level…

Back in touch when we’re in Chile!

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