SA 21.1: Blockaded in La Paz

So apparently the price of water and gas is too high in La Paz and people have decided to rise up and blockade the major bus routes.

Good for the people.  Not so good for us.

After the no-bus incident of 8am, we went and had some brunch and returned to the station.  I go to the desk and the lady starts saying, in English, that no buses are going to Bolivia, Peru, Chile or Argentina today because all of the roads are, how do you say, “bloqueado”.

Well, if there was a word that didn’t need translating, that would be it.

Nothing can get to Arica today because of the blockade, plus the border closes at 6pm, so even if we left later, we couldn’t do it.

New plan is a 6am bus tomorrow that (hopefully) leaves the city and arrives in Arica at 2pm.  Then we catch our flight.

Cross fingers again, please.

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