SA 14: From Puno to Copacabana

Up early again today!  At least we had a good sleep-in day yesterday, which has made a difference in terms of healing Inca Trail injuries and adding to our basic relaxation level.  Today we caught the 7:30 am bus from Puno to Copacabana and I did something I´ve never actually done before.  I crossed a border by land on a bus and had to go through customs!

First off, yes I´ve done that before with the US, but that doesn´t count.  Second off, for all the travels I´ve done in Europe, they´ve mostly been in the Schegen area, or by plane, or by cruise ship.  So passport checks never really happened.  So today we got off a bus, got an exit stamp, walked across a border, got an entrance stamp, and ended up in a totally different country!  Bizzare that this has never happened before.

Now we are in Copacabana, which is by far the prettier, more chill, more beautiful side of Lake Titicaca.  Our hostel, Hostal La Cupula, is pretty darn magical.  Courtyards, a mama cat and her kittens, a beautiful view over the lake and an adorable room.  It´s a Bolivian boutique hotel.  Drawback is no internet in the hotel, but we finally found the fast Internet place on the main strip, so bonus to us.

We´re taking three days here to chill and have rebooked ourselves for a later check-in for La Paz.  The weather situation in the Atacama is “Improving” according to our travel guy, so we may end up doing the five day tour after all, which would be pretty great.  We’ll know more in a few days.  Tomorrow we’ll be wandering around the town or heading to Isla del Sol, the birthplace of the Incas.  Then we’ll be doing the opposite the next day.  We took a quick walk to the lake today, which is full of paddleboats, tour operators, cheap restaurants and general cuteness.

This is a pretty chill town which, frankly, is what we need right now.  =0)

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