SA 13: Puno and the Uros Islands

Just a note: Photo uploads are still not working on this blog.  Not sure why.

There was one goal and one goal alone for our day on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca.  We needed to see the Uros Floating Islands and rest. 

Success and SUCCESS!!!

We got up today at a non-ungodly hour for the first time since our trip began, which was nice.  As I said, the big ticket item was to see the Uros Islands, islands that actually float.  The people living on them have been doing so for hundreds of years.  The islands are basically built by piling reeds upon reeds until you have a solid landmass.  Pretty neat bit of engineering.

Also worth noting is that these islands have everything.  There’s an ATM, restaurants, solar panels, stores.  The people there have definitely embraced modernity (and tourism) and it makes for an interesting trip.

Once we got done the islands we grabbed a good 5 soles each beefsteak lunch and did a quick walk to the Plaza del Armas (because you have to here) and actually found a frappuchino place.  Then we made our way to the hostel for a NAP!!!

LOVED the nap!

After nap, we went out for dinner for a giant plate of meat featuring every part of a cow you could imagine (heart, liver, arteries – actually pretty darn good) and now we’re back here relaxing.  Pretty chill day.

Gotta say – love Peru.  I feel that we’ve got a pretty good sense of it while we’ve been here but could definitely come back to Cuzco for a few days, would love to see some of the coast and maybe even another island or two on Titicaca.  This country really is amazing and I can’t recommend it enough.

Now on to Bolivia and a potential obstacle.  Apparently, there have been some freak snowstorms in the Salar de Uyuni and the Atacama desert, which might make our three day 4 X 4 trek with a transfer to Chile impossible.  Not to worry, might just mean we have a few extra days in Bolivia and a one day excursion to Uyuni.  Or not.  I’m sure it will all get sorted.

Tomorrow is Copacabana, some more lake, some more islands.  Adios, Peru and Hola, Bolivia.

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