SA 12: Cusco to Puno with Bonus Material

Okay, so the bonus material isn’t really bonus material, more of just some random thoughts.   Google is being weird right now and not letting me add pictures, so this may just be a text update.

A few things.

  1. Cuzco.  Cuzco is a five-day city.  The title is simple enough – it means you need at least five days to see everything in the city and in the vicinity.  Other five-day cities I’ve been to include Rome, Paris, St. Petersburg (Russia).  I didn’t think Cuzco would be one but I regret not having more time there.  Amazing place, amazing things to see and do and I will have to try to come back and finish the place off at some point.
  2. Inca Trail – This goes out to any and all friends who want to do it.  Please, for your own health, be in shape.  Daina and I are both pretty fit and we both had a rough go of it due not only to the altitude but the physical endurance involved.  This is beyond a hike and we heard horror stories (and saw some) of people needing to be carried to the end by porters.  Don’t be that guy.
Church at Andahuaylilas

Now, today was a transit day but with some sights in between.  Daina and me took a bus trip with “FirstClass” bus lines, a bus that featured plenty of broken handles on chairs, suspect air conditioning and a driver who seemed intent on pushing it.  So first class it wasn’t, but it was at least somewhat comfortable.  A few interesting sights today as we saw the “Sistine Chapel of South America” in Andahuaylillas, the massive walls of the Inca supreme god Wiracocha’s temple in Raqchi, guinea pigs and a very scared looking alpacain Sicuani, the border between Cuzco and Puno at 4200m in La Raya and the remains of the Pukaran civilizaiton in, well, Pukara, as well as an amazing church.  I’d be interspersing this stuff with photos but google won’t let me.

We are now in Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca and just finished an amazing meal at a place called La Choza (always have luck with that name) where we saw a Peruvian dance show and now we’re chilling at Marlon’s House hotel with a TELEVISION IN THE ROOM (which has been missed, even though I’m sure all I’ll find is CNN and BBC in English).  Tomorrow we’re taking it easier than we have been.  The goal is to get on to Lake Titicaca and to see some of the islands, not as part of a registered tour.  We’re been running hard lately and are off to Bolivia in a couple of days, so some rest is well earned.

 Check the Facebook album for pics and talk to you tomorrow!

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