SA 7: The Sacred Valley (Abbr)

So this is more of a “still alive, let you know when I’m posting next deal.”

Bullet points of the day

  • Sacred Valley – three amazing Inca sites, one day, long day, very tired but very impressed by a day that Daina actually referred to as “magical”
  • Forgot to close a door at a restaurant, German tourist yelled at me to close the door, calling me “Amigo”, then clapped to get my attention because I didn’t think in South America that the white guy would be referred to as amigo by a German.  Politely apologized for not closing the door and then also told him not to be a rude prick.  Was lauded by others in the restaurant and the manager.
  • We are sharing the Inca Trail with two nice Americans.  One has a wheat allergy.  The other is a vegetarian.  Daina is lactose intolerant.  They will be off eating roots in a corner while I dine with the porters.  Joking, of course.
  • 3:15 am wake-up tomorrow for a 4:30 bus ride to start the trip of a lifetime, the Inca Trail!

We’ll be back from the Trail Tuesday night with pictures.  In the meantime, here’s us standing in front of the entrance to the Sacred Valley.  Enjoy!

You know I’m tired and rushed for time when I can’t even put together a proper Facebook album.

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