SA 3: Nazca Lines

Well that is definitely off of the bucket list.

Considering all the troubles we’ve had with flights as of late, you might think we were tempting fate by going on a flight with a notoriously bad safety record.  A flight where some companies, due to the high price of plane fuel, are currently fueling their planes with car fuel.  A flight where weight actually comes into play in terms of where you can sit. 

And, to a degree, you would be right.  We got to the airport at Nazca at 9:30 in the morning after having reserved a flight the day before and… waited.  Big surprise considering how awesome planes, Daina and myself have gotten along.  It was three hours before we could get on – the reason we were given was that they were trying to find two people who could go on the flight with us and stay within the weight restriction.

I’m officially bulimic for the rest of the trip.

Anyway, a couple of skinny French dudes ended up coming along and they became our flight partners.  Off we went!

The lines were pretty amazing, especially when you consider the scale of them.  I got some shots that will look great once ‘I’m done cropping them in Photoshop but, in the meantime, here’s the best natural one I got – the “Spaceman” , as seen above.

One negative about the flight?  The actual flight.  It’s half an hour, bang-bang-bang, twist and turning, “On the right, there’s the monkey!  Monkey, monkey, monkey!  Now we go left!  Left!  Left!  Left!  Monkey!  Monkey!  Monkey!”  We had to have a little lie down on the way back to, you know, keep from barfing.

By the way, this is the most relaxing picture I’ve ever seen.  Enjoy!

Makes you want to go right out and get one, right?

Anyway, we snagged a quick bite to eat at a place in Nazca.  Good food for the price, though I need to start bringing my phrasebook with me while eating because I’m now the anti-pollo guy – I don’t want to order chicken because that’s what everybody who doesn’t speak Spanish orders. 

Also, sampled Coca Tea today which, yes, is made from the same plant that produces cocaine.  Good tea, supposed to help with the altitude when I get to Cusco.  Yes, there is a kick.  Maybe I just drank too much.

Tonight is another wonderful Cruz del Sur bus and then a nice stop in Arequipa for the day.  Definitely digging Peru at the moment.

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