SA 2: Lima to Nazca

So we finally got a well deserved sleep last night.  Miraflores is pretty beautiful and is known as the nicest, safest part of Lima.  We´re headed into Lima proper in a few minutes to book a bus to Nazca so we can hop a line on the flight tomorrow.

Yesterday evening was pretty basic, walked around the square in Miraflores at night, had some pretty awesome sandwiches, bought water because, like pretty much every other place on the earth, tap water here isn´t a good idea.  Tried to book some bus tickets moving forward but there were a host of website problems, so I think showing up to the terminal today and doing everything en masse is probably best.

Hopefully another update follows this evening from Nazca, depending on when we get there.  Also hopeful we can get into Plaza del Armas in Lima today, as I really do like the old Spanish squares.  We´ll see what happens.

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