SA 1: Santiago Airport

So Daina threw a massive Hail Mary pass yesterday and connected, but there was a flag on the play.

Everybody’s getting on the plane, the pilot comes on and says we’re ready to go but “management” has decided that they have to take another flight crew to Santiago, so we end up waiting half an hour for that crew to come on and get themselves set, which pushes our connection, once again, into the danger zone.

Once we get in to Santiago, we literally have 20 minutes before our flight to Lima leaves.  D and me force our way to the front of the airplane (as much as possible), RUN to security, get our way to the front of the line, RUN to the gate…  Just in time for some very confused looking people to stare at our boarding passes as we watch the boarding gate, and then the plane, move away.  One of those “We’re too late in the process to put you on” deals, even though the gate was connected to the plane for at least three minutes while we were there.  I don’t pretend to understand airport security or all the things they have to go to, but it seems like a phone call and “hold the plane” would have worked here.

The upside is that we are now actually in South America (WHOO HOO!) and we don’t have to worry another connection once we get to Lima, so that’s good.  I’ve sent another e-mail to the hostel letting them know that we have to change our pick-up time again, which is frustrating, and our bags will now have been in South America longer than us, but we slowly trudge along towards our goal.

So, a couple of changes to the itinerary.  Any half-decent look around Lima is pretty much out of the question, as we won’t be in town until at least seven o’clock and will be running off of airplane sleep (the worst kind).  We’re also pushing our bus ride to Nazca back a couple of hours, which may give us a chance to look around Miraflores (the Lima neighbourhood we’re staying in) tomorrow morning.  Ticket is being booked as soon as I’m done writing the blog.  Nazca and everything else stay the same.

So hopefully the next news I post is that we’re actually where we’re supposed to be.  Reasonable goal, I think.

On another note, I can’t remember a time when I’ve been this travel exhausted.  I think that was made pretty obvious at the airport when I tried to buy a Starbucks with Peruvian Nuevo Soles and the Chilean Barista told me I had to pay American and I couldn’t understand why.  He spelled my name “Ki” on my Starbucks cup, because I don’t think there’s a Spanish equivalent for Kirk.  Daina just told him his name was “D”.  Probably the best for everybody involved.

Off to book a bus ticket.

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