SA 0.1: Pearson Airport Continued

So the good thing is that we have travel vouchers and business class tickets.  Bad thing is that, as it stands, we have five minutes to catch our connection in Miami.

So who knows how it happened.  The skies are clear from here to Miami but the flight that was going to leave at 2:59 is now scheduled for 3:55, arriving in Miami at 7:10 pm, leaving us 5 minutes to catch the 7:15 to Lima.  If we miss it, there’s another flight at 11:55 leaving Miami and arriving in Lima at 4:10 in the morning, which means we might be pulling a Seoul and just hit the ground running in Lima.  Everything is still going to run on schedule and, thanks to the World Wide Inter Webs, we can let the hostel in Lima know we’re showing up later than expected, so bonus for them and for us.

At the end of it all, though, keywords are Business Class and vouchers.

Hopefully the next post you read has “Day 1: Lima” and not “Day 0.2: Miami-Dade”

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  1. Hope you get to Lima on the first flight…maybe a good tail wind will get you in sooner, and a little delay in. The Lima flight will have you catxhing your flight as planned. It was great seeing you this afternoon. Been so long…fyi gate B8 is way out in the middle of nowhere, completely empty and a tv that you can actually hear…and lots of space for two little ones to run around and scream…in case you and Daina need to get away to scream, lol


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